John Jackson began his martial arts training with Karate at the age of 13.  Later, during college, his teacher Giles Hopkins, introduced him to Sensei Kimo Wall with whom he studied Goju Ryu  for 20 years. He travelled to Okinawa and Japan to further train and eventually received his 5th degree black belt.


In 1999, while searching the roots of Okinawa Karate, he came across a book on Fukian White Crane written by Shifu Lorne Bernard.  He wrote a letter to Shifu Bernard expressing interest and noting similarities of Goju Ryu Karate and White Crane Kung Fu.  Shifu Bernard wrote back and invited him to visit Montreal.


Upon watching his first White Crane class, he immediately knew that this was the style he wished to train.  He was very impressed with Shifu Bernards’ teaching  knowledge, methodology, and, of course, his Kung Fu skill.  After a few more visits to Montreal, Mr. Jackson asked if he could become a student and Shifu Bernard graciously said yes.


Since that time, Mr. Jackson has regularly travelled to Montreal several times each year to stay and train with Shifu Bernard.  On several occasions, he was also fortunate to be able to visit while Shifu”s teacher, Master Lee Joo-chian was also visiting Montreal.